Roses Student Awards: Pen Pals

The last two projects were competition briefs, so wasn’t able to post about them! One of them was for the roses awards, which the deadline was yesterday,  so I think it’s safe to post about it now. The other was D&AD, which I still can’t post about because I’m hoping to enter it!

The award brief we were given was to create a campaign that makes people want to have a pen pal. I worked with Amy on this project, and we decided to create a video, as we hadn’t really done anything like that before.

Our campaign is called ‘The Power of Pen an Paper’ It showcases the massive impact just a pen and paper can have with a traditional pen pal.

-Covering huge global distances to learn about culture.
-The powerful emotions and friendships that are created.
-The beautifully handcrafted memory that can be cherished.

We’ve shown this with friendly video completing an illustration of a conversation between two penpals. The information is shown to represent the world, with the different typefaces showing the diversity of different recipients accross the globe all encased in aimple heart to hgihlight the friendship that is created.



Above photos by Tasha. We had already done a test piece to try it out, so we used an over head projector to project our previous one on to the studio wall, so that we could sketch it out in pencil.

The video would be played at places like Kings Cross station where a lot of people come and go, and are traveling from place to place.

Billboards photoshopped

I really enjoyed this project and it’s made me want to do something on this scale again!

billboard with tag smaller


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