Magazine Design… and the New year.

So we’ve come to the end of 2012, and instead of out celebrating like everyone else, I’m currently sat at home on the sofa with a stinking cold with a hot toddy by my side to take the edge off. I apologise once again that it’s been so long since I’ve posted. I think my new years resolution should be that I post more, but I’m not sure if I would carry it out or not! But I guess I could try.

I finished my group magazine project, and it went well. I was very happy with my spreads, and even happier when my magazines got sent though the post to me! I got them professionally printed for the assessment, but it’s also quite a nice keepsake too. I contributed quite a lot to the magazine, designing the contents page, contributors page, three articles and the introduction page for the group photography story.

‘era’ magazine brings the reader up-to-date with the latest trends and issues in culture and technology. In this months issue we have looked in detail on the impact technology and social media can have on anything from buying habits, jobs and experience, both in a negative and positive way. Our design ethos is built on swiss design but with a twist. As a magazine we look at trends and what is ‘up’ and ‘down’ and what we think about it. We feature a lot of strong angles and diagonals throughout the pages.

Contents Page

Contributers page

The contents and contributors page. Each member of the group wrote a bit about themselves and their contribution to the magazine.

Forensic article 1

Forensic article 2

Forensic article 3

Forensic article 4

Forensic article 5

These were my spreads from my article about forensic science, and the advances that we’ve had that have made an amazing impact on how we solve crimes. I found it really interesting, and I thought it put a nice spin on the magazines theme, technology.

Top ten 1

Top ten 2

Top ten 3

Top ten 4

This article was about the top ten inventions we can look forward to in the future. Everything from domestic robots, to hydrogen powered cars, some of which are being achieved today. I chose to ‘slant’ this article to fit in with our angles theme throughout the magazine.

Sat nav

This was a short article on people that do silly things because of relying too much on their sat nav. One story was about someone from a town twenty minutes from me, a Taxi driver in Kings Lynn who drove into a lake. Sat navs can be dangerous things! Or maybe some people just need to concentrate a bit more?

Group work 1

Group work 2

Group work 3

Group work 4

Group work 5

This was the group photography story. We decided to focus on the society as it is now and highlight the issue of the situation of extreme opposites. We called it ‘Finding the Middle Ground’.

I’m putting the final touches to my latest project, ISTD, and will blog about it onces it’s ready! Here’s to a good year, and a brilliant and hard one to come, with a holiday to look forward to, starting our business and graduating! Cheers!


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