Bubble wrap: An experiment

So on Sunday I wanted to get away from my magazine project for a little while and do something a bit arty – something I really don’t do enough. I keep telling myself that taking time away from my project work is in some ways a good thing, and that I shouldn’t keep myself cooped up in my bedroom slaving over my mac.

I recently bought some bubble wrap and some syringes off the internet, as I saw someone post a project on Behance that I found really interesting, and wanted to give it a go. The project was this one, which I’m rather jeleous about because I couldn’t get mine to work! I think my needle that I bought was a little bit too big, and it didn’t seem to fill the bubbles up very well. Quite naturally (for me) I got annoyed and frustrated and squirted the ink all over the top of the bubble wrap… which looked kind of cool.

Happy accident? I then decided to add more colours.

It might have been the fact that I was using gouache paints mixed with water, but it kind of looked like a gel like substance once it was over the bubble wrap. It was also really nice where the paint drops landed just on top of the bubbles, as in certain shots it almost looks as if the drops are floating.

This was probably my favourite shot. It also worked out that I’m going to use one of these as the front cover of my magazine! So I’m glad that I did it. I’m lso enjoying using my camera a bit more… which I should also do more often.


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