Austerity Measures: Photographic Story

So in our magazine we had to work on a photographic story as a group. We decided that showing a social issue would be better than showing bits of technology.

We wanted to highlight the issue of ‘finding the middle ground’ in society. The UK is living in a situation of extreme controversial opposites- graduates are jobless and footballers are earning £250,000 in a week. Families struggle to put food on the table whilst a culture of image obsessives buy into expensive shortcuts of supplements and surgery. We thought this was a very current problem in our society, especially with the economic climate the way it is.

So for each situation we are taking two contrasting situations. Here we’re showing the difference between someone who could afford a lot of fruit and eat really well, and the other will be someone who doses up on vitamin tablets. We bought rather a lot of fruit that day, and had to cut it all up and make it look presentable! Me and Amy did these shots at home in our kitchen. This was just to show how much fruit we actually had…

It all looked so bright and attractive! We also tried to stick to autumn colours to keep it seasonal.

It was then a case of trying to lay it out nicely in rows, and getting the colours to compliment each other. Some of it was really hard to get into straight lines too! There was a lot of frustration, and seemed to have taken us forever!

Amy taking the photos. These are all behind the scenes photos by the way! All the originals will be shown after the deadline… mostly because they haven’t been finished editing yet. So next was the vitamin shot, where we used a mixture of cheap vitamins from Wilkinson and some sweets that could pass as tablets.

I really liked how the Cod liver oil capsules glowed. I think these were even harder to get into lines, and once you moved one, another would just spin and knock all the others out of line. So a ruler came in handy with this!

I was getting the hang of it towards the end. So these two were contrasting shots, as you can hopefully tell. Another shot we did was of two plates of food. The lower class meal, beans on toast with a cup of tea, and the upper class meal, salmon and spinach on brioche with a glass of wine.

We managed to get near on perfect shots of this comparison, so we were quite happy! It was nice to do something a little different and get away from the computer for a while, even if it was a bit frustrating at times!


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