Group Magazine Project: Austerity Measures

We are well underway with our current project with only four full days left before the deadline! Working in a group has proved to be a bit of a challenge, but I have learnt that it’s all about compromise and listening to other peoples wants. I think considering what I’ve heard from other peoples groups, we have done this quite well!

Our magazine had to be current, to do with the 21st century, and have room to expand into other things. We decided that technology is a big importance in the 21st century, so decided that ‘technology and social issues’ was going to be the theme of our magazine.

We were made to work quickly; on the day of the briefing, we had to get into groups (of six), come up with the name, theme, and what content will go into the magazine (all in 3 hours!). This was quite a challenge in itself, as I’m quite a slow idea producer, but it was a good idea to do this otherwise a week (out of four) would have been spent trying to work out what it was we wanted to do.

So we decided to call our magazine ‘Era’ as it’s in keeping with the times, get it? We have three sections to our magazine, Advances in technology, News and Travel and Style and Culture, and we’ve all produced articles and spreads to go into at least one of these sections. Our style of the magazine is quite simple, with the use of angles and simple colour, we’ve incorporated a swiss style.

I don’t really want to show it off just yet… that’ll have to wait until after the deadline I’m afraid! But I will show a photo from the shoot I did for my ‘Froensic Advances’ article, just as a taster!

But on a final note, I have collectively with two others set up a blog page that follows our journey of starting our own design business straight out of University (exciting)! So if you’ve got the time, take a look 🙂 Form and Function


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