Day of the Dead

So today was an ‘All Years’ day, where all three years in our course come together, get into groups, and create something interesting. We’d already been doing a little bit on ‘The Day of The Dead’ in our mentoring sessions, making skulls for our window display, and as it was halloween, it was the perfect theme.

Our group was made up of three third years (including me), one second year, and three first years. At first we were going to make skulls to put in the window like everybody else, but then decided it would be much more fun if we did something like… I don’t know, baked a cake?

We decided to split the mixture up into three and make a multi-coloured cake. Yellow, red and blue.

This looked pretty cool! Although it is a shame it never comes out that bright once it’s cooked! The team wanted to put a headstone onto it, so we baked another cake that we could cut up, then cutting a groove into the cake, slotted it in. Then we basically a case of smothering it in icing so that it would hold up!

This was my little skull I’d made to sit somewhere on top.

The finished cake…

… and the inside.

So overall quite a fun day! It was nice to get away from our project work for a little while, and also nice to meet new people of cause!


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