Experience Design

So this hasn’t exactly been my best project. I quite enjoyed it at first as I picked something that I’d find interesting when it came to researching it. What I didn’t enjoy however, was stressing out about how I was going to show my idea…

I created my museum experience around twelve items that were swallowed by prisoners in the early 1900’s. The most important thing for me to put across in my experience was the suffering that the prisoners went though to have wanted to commit suicide.

This is my layout. As you can see there are three rooms that make up my experience. The first room hosts a small prison cell, so that visitors can see the kinds of conditions that were lived in. Also in this room is an interactive timeline; allowing the user to find more out about the year they are interested in, and what laws were passed to do with English prisons. The final thing in this room is the virtual tour, which allows the user to navigate there way through the building as it once was, using a control pad. There would also be sounds in this room, of prisoners shouting and prison doors slamming shut.

(Interactive Timeline)

           (Virtual Tour)

The second room is a simple room displaying means of torture and punishment. Screens would be placed on the walls showing visitors the kinds of punishment that prisoners would get if they did something out of turn.

The third and final room is where my items are exhibited. It is a very quiet room, where the items are held in glass cabinets that almost signify gravestones. I wanted to make the visitors feel respectful towards these people that had died. It would also be very cold, by having air conditioning units installed onto the walls, making it uncomfortable.


These two visualisations are my favourite, just because I think that the darkness of the room with the spotlights really puts the atmosphere across that I wanted to create.

So that’s that. What are they going to throw at us next guys? I hear a rumour that it’s Magazine Design… fingers crossed!


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