Experience Design

First project of the year! And I was very happy to just get stuck in and start designing again.

This project is about experiences you have when you go to an exhibit in a museum. What makes it a good experience? Well this is what I intend to find out. We have to create an experience that uses more than just visual aspects, to make the visitor have a more satisfying experience.

I took a trip to Nottingham last Tuesday to get out of Lincoln and look at somewhere with a bit more variety of museums. We were quite unlucky to find a lot of them only opened at weekends, but we still managed to look around two, which would have still been better than looking around the Collection.

The first museum was ‘Nottingham Castle Museum and Galleries’. This was … alright, but didn’t really exhibit the kind of items I thought I could build a good experience around. I also needed to find something that interested me, so I didn’t get fed up researching it, so this museum was kind of off the cards straight away.

Secondly, we visited ‘The Galleries of Justice Museum’, which I found really interesting.

The thing that stood out most for me in the exhibit was the cabinet of swallowed items, which after considering all my other options, I’ve decided to base my exhibit around. I also like the idea of using the trapdoors of the gallows, but we’ll see how things pan out.


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