Trip to Venice, Italy

Towards the end of march, me and a couple of friends decided to have a couple of days away in Venice. I’d always wanted to try Italy, so I was really excited and looking forward to it! Quite honestly ‘The floating city’ was beautiful.

Above: Starbucks at London Stansted Airport mixed mine and James’ drinks up.

We flew out at 6.30am on the Monday morning, and arrived in Venice-Treviso at around 9.25am, because of the time difference. At this point I’d been up since 3 the previous afternoon, so I was rather tired!

Once we arrived in Venice on the bus (which took around an hour) we wandered around and saw some sights before we checked in, which wasn’t until 2.00pm. We saw the Rialto bridge…

I’m a sucker for nice street signs…

…and the Gondolas are all beautifully decorated like this one. After wandering around for a while we all got pretty hungry, so we decided to stop at one of the many little food places and grab something. I had my first calzone, and it was amazing! We finally headed to the hotel shortly after and had an hour to just sit, rest and sort out our backpacks.

As I’m sure you can tell I was shattered by this point! But I managed to power on. We went on a gondola ride shortly after, which I was surprised I’d even be able to get on! I’m not a huge fan of water, but I managed, just! You can’t really go to Venice and not go on one! After this it was a case of finding a cafe to have some dinner before getting a bit of sleep.

After a quick nap, we went back out when it was dark, for another wander to see everything lit up, then headed back to bed.

Up at 8.00am the next morning and to breakfast before checking out of the hotel. We hit St Mark’s Basilica first whilst it was quiet, and it was amazing inside. Photos weren’t allowed to be taken inside, but it’s pretty much gold everywhere, truly amazing.

After this we had quite a lot of time to kill, so it was a case of deciding what we were going to do until we had to get the bus back to the airport. We decided to take a Trageti over to Lido, and we sat on the beach for a while (it was amazing weather!). After this it was time to get the water taxi back, but we got off so that we could walk back the whole way through the city. It was very tiring, but we finally made it!

It was an amazing couple of days, and I recommend that anyone does it. It’s nice to get the chance to explore somewhere you wouldn’t normally.

I have another trip planned for June, where we’re going to Berlin for three days, which is working out even cheaper by the way! It’s going to be one busy summer – but that’s how I like it!


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