D&AD – The Typographic Circle

Another competition brief, seems like it’s all we’ve done this year!

So, D&AD and ISTD were our last two projects, which ran along side each other. I was a bit miffed by this because I’d wanted the chance to do work for these competitions for ages, but because they ran along side each other I had to focus on one or the other.

Our tutors chose for us to do the Typographic Circle brief, which was to create a supplement for there magazine, Circular. The supplement/ supplements were to include three designers and/or design agencies that have or is going to do talks for them. I chose to include Anthony Burrill, Studio 8 and Magpie Studio, all for various reasons. My three designers were housed in one book:

I cut a circle into the plain black cover, so that where it said ‘typography’ on the inside page, ‘typ’ was all you could see on the cover. ‘Typ’ is what the typographic circle is known as, and uses as their logo.

I was really pleased with how the beauty shots turned out for this, and there were lots of them. The book contained over 20 pages, so I’ll only be showing my favourites. Anthony Burrill section:

Studio 8:

And last but not least, Magpie Studio:

I was pretty pleased with this overall, some pages were better than others, and I could have paced it a lot better, but I may revisit this sometime in the summer.

I’ll be blogging about ISTD next.


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