YCN- i Newspaper

This seems like such an old project now… well I guess it is! I’ve been putting off posting about these projects because of the fact they’re competitions, and can’t have people stealing my ideas can we? But yes, this blog is in need of a serious update.

The brief (YCN Competition Brief) was to create an advertising campaign for the ‘i’ newspaper, which is owned by ‘The Independent’. It is seen as a newspaper for people that don’t have time to read it all; it’s concise. Our advertising campaign had to aim at people like myself, students. Now, I know what your thinking, easy target audience, and the fact that I am the target audience must make it so much easier to know what would make me read a newspaper. Well, it wasn’t easy.

In fact, I think it was probably the hardest project that I ever had to make myself do! Once I got an idea, I was fine! But it was just coming up with the idea, it was so painful!

So, my idea was to make the newspaper almost seem as if it was a friend. It could be your companion at breakfast, or perhaps something to accompany you at the park. I feel that the idea was there for this project, but the execution was a little off. I had the whole ‘got the idea too late’ thing again.

These were my billboard ads, trying to put across the idea of ‘i’ being your friend. I also created a rewards card that you would get on purchasing your first paper. Buying one everyday for a week would allow you to have Saturdays paper free.

I also included the idea of having newspaper dispensers placed around University campus’ and dorms, so that students didn’t have to go too far to get the newspaper. Lastly, was this app I created. The app allows you to get a taster of the days headlines, enticing the reader to buy the newspaper to find out more about the story. It also has a handy feature that lets you locate which major newsagents near you stock the paper.


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