Limited Edition: The Finals

This week was presentation week, so the last week or so has been pretty crazy making sure I’ve got everything together and sorted!

First of all on monday was my YCN presentation for i newspaper, which I won’t be blogging about until the competition is over, sorry guys.

Then tuesday was what I was looking forward too most! I’d really been looking forward to presenting my posters (you can see my process here), feeling like I for once had something to show-off about, as I don’t really tend to feel like that about the work I produce. I was extremely pleased with the feedback I got after my presentation, not a bad word was said against my poster or the backup work, so it’s looking good!

I rather liked this beauty shot I took for my portfolio. These are all six of my posters, I chose three dull-ish colours and three brighter colours for a bit of contrast.

These two were my favourites of the six. So now it’s concentrating on my ISTD project… which I shall blog about at a later date. I might possibly to printing again going by how well this has come across, but we’ll see!


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