Penguin Magazine

I realise I haven’t been posting a lot again, but with Uni work, working part-time and trying to have a little down time too, I’ve just been so busy! So after my quick explanation of my new projects a few posts ago, I’m ready to talk a little more about them.

Week 1 was all about the Typesetting of the Penguin text, which I found quite easy as we did this in first year. There were a few things that they wanted us to be especially careful of, like orphans and widows in the text, and little details that make it visually nice to look at. After this it was a case of starting a the magazine. When I first saw this on the brief I was kind of confused as to what the tutors wanted to see. We had to basically design the first two chapters in a magazine, and I was quite excited as I wanted to do mine very typographic with no imagery.

This was my first double page spread with the colophon on the left, and my title and authors name on the right. I hand rendered the title and used letterpress type for ‘Ken Kesey’.

On the left is the short title, letterpress type again, and then the start of chapter one on the right. I need to make the type slightly smaller here as it’s creating rivers in the paragraph.

Hand rendering again for the speech, and some more letterpress. I’m going to alter this page slightly as its not really as strong as the rest.

This page is one of my favourites.

I’m getting rid of the red rectangle in this one, it isn’t really needed, same with the next one with the grey square.

I think this is my favourite page of the whole lot. I really like how I laid it out and the use of colour on it. The annoying thing is it probably took less time to d than the others!

I need to change a few things on this one to give it a bit of hierarchy.

And I stopped there! Because I hand rendered a lot of it, I didn’t have to do the whole of the two chapters, it would have taken me ages! Now its the old book covers I need to crack on with!


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