The Brand Experience

So guys! I started back at University this week, second year! The transformation from first year to a Graphic Designer apparently! So we’ve already got given a couple of projects, one of them that led on from our summer project.

Our summer project was to create a designed document of an analysis of three brands, and what makes them a good or bad brand. We had to pick three from a PDF labeled ‘Top 100 Brands’, which had statistics about the top 100 brands and how well they had done in industry. We were to choose a brand that we had an affinity for, a brand that we are critical of and a wildcard. My affinity brand was Absolut VODKA, my critical was Nike and my wildcard was Nescafe. I made a booklet displaying my findings, and this page was my favourite spread out of the whole thing.

I quite got into the research and found it interesting. For our project that led onto this, is to re-brand a brand from the top 100. I decided to choose a different brand than what I researched about. I chose Pepsi, and I chose this because I think it needs updating, as it doesn’t really compete enough against its competitor, coca-cola. So my task for next week is to know the ins and outs of the brand so that I can understand what I need to change about it.

My other brief I’m also a little excited about, as I was going to do this anyway, so I’m glad that its included in our course! Are you ready? It’s the Penguin book Jacket competition! Arghhhh! I’m so excited! This year it’s for ‘One flew over the cuckoo’s nest’, so I think it’ll be quite hard, but at the moment I’m only typesetting.


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