New books!

I decided the other day while trawling amazon, that I really should start adding to my design books collection. Instead of looking at my recommended reading list like I should have done (I will do soon!), I wanted to take some own initiative and get something that I think would be quite useful.

So first of all I came across ‘The New Designer’s Handbook’ by Alastair Campbell. I wasn’t sure at first, but for a mere £2.50 (roughly) I thought I couldn’t really go wrong. It’s actually quite well written, like I feel I could read through the information without getting lost and thinking ‘I can’t be bothered!’ It has loads of different sections, like the basics of the design process (handy, you know, incase you ever forget), Using type, Design equipment, Paper sizes (always handy when setting up documents on illustrator) and Bookbinding, which is also helpful because I’d like to start making my own books again! I really will have to have a good look through this at some point…

The next one I came across I just got for a little fun really. ‘Creative Workshop: 80 challenges to sharpen your design skills’ by David Sherwin. It says it all in the title really, but I thought these little tasks would keep me creative when I haven’t got a lot on. And also of course it’ll give me work to do, plus I can blog about it. Its a win win.

Also… the covers quite nice 🙂


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