Trip to London

Twice in one month is quite unusual for me to go to London, but this time it was a family outing. We decided to take my brother to the Natural History Museum, it was kind of a belated birthday present, also he’d never been to London before. So first stop was South Kensington, which I rather like going to anyway. I was pretty disappointed with the museum itself, I expected so much more. But I managed to keep myself amused.

I apologise for the poor image quality, I am going to invest in a new camera soon hopefully! So yes, I wasn’t really focused on the exhibits themselves.

The exhibitions had nice little typographic additions to them, which kept me slightly interested. It made me think back to the project we had to complete at University.

Our other reason for going to London (yes, there was another reason!), was to visit a very expensive restaurant. A little while back, my mum won a voucher from the Walkers crips competition, for a restaurant called Gaucho. It’s like an Argentinian steak house type thing, but is a lot more upper class than it sounds. I was quite excited, as I am about these sorts of things. It was beautiful inside (after your eyes had adjusted to how dark it was!), it was all mostly lit up by candle light. It was such a lovely meal, but was probably my last at a place like that, too expensive!

Yes, thats right, it came to £170.50! The two bottles of water we had were £8 alone… But the menus were quite beautiful! They were really long and thin, which were quite weird to hold at first, but I really liked them.

I also took a few souvenirs…

I didn’t get time to look around anywhere else though unfortunately. I think I may try the V&A next time. So I will leave you with this last image.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


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