I’ve been meaning to make this post in quite a while, and was forced to do it as quickly as possible as Mum no longer wants the tubs in the kitchen, think I might still keep them though!

I saw these quite a few weeks back when I was shopping with Bobbins in tesco, and we both kind of fell in love with how nice they were! But at £3.99 for a 500ml tub, we thought best not to buy any. It was when they went on offer at half price that I went a little crazy. I bought all five flavors… much to my families delight! What can I say, once I see something I really like, I just have to have it!

See, they’re quite an eye catcher right?! I just love the typography, the colour contrasts and the alignment used. Even the additional information on the back is all nicely set out. And whats more, of course, they all taste great! My favourite has to be the ‘Cherry Bomb Brownie’, but I wouldn’t say no to any of the others either!

I was very pleased to see this featured on The Dieline also, as it shows I’m not the only one! So congratulations to Mayday, for designing such a lovely ice-cream tub and brand identity! Be sure to check out Mayday’s other stuff too, as they have some really nice stuff on there.

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