So on Friday we took our trip to London (WE as in me, Natasha and Bobbins) to go and look around the D&AD New Blood Exhibition. I had a really amazing day, and saw some really cool stuff while I was there. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see a lot of the great work which was on offer, as we got there kind of late in the day, and had our DesignBridge talk at 3pm.

But what work I did see was great, and really made me realise the standards of work that you have to create to get a chance to be included in these kind of things. Standards of work from people such as Sophie Garwell, from Nottingham Trent University, who created some beautiful typographic prints for her ISTD project. It was for the branding of a restaurant, and me being the geek I am, would definitely go to this restaurant, just to stare at the beautiful letterforms! It also took her eight weeks to do, blimeyyy.

Tasha and Bobbins were quite surprised, as they walked off and found that I weren’t following behind. I had a really nice chat with Sophie about her work. I forgot to take my camera, I really hope she doesn’t mind me using some imagery from her blog to show you guys just how good they are!

She also used the same kind of style on her business card, and I’m glad she did, she’s getting the most out of these lovely letters!

Luckily, we had time to go and visit the Falmouth stand, as it was always where I wanted to go when I was back at college, but the distance away from home prevented me from going. They had some amazing work on show, as you’ll see on Natasha‘s post.

So, onto the Design Bridge talk! After walking half way across London… (It took almost an hours walk! I was shattered by the time I got there…) but it was so worth it! Design Bridge is just one of those places where you dream of working, its like one big happy family, where they’re always having fun, always having a laugh, and of course doing what they love most. It was also nice to see someone doing so well who came from the same background as us, good old College of West Anglia! I’m extremely jeleous of Chris Bird, living the dream!

They showcased a lot of they’re work, and also gave us some insight on how they work, and how they work together to come up with the best outcomes possible. I found the talk really helpful and inspiring, and wish we could have gone for a drink with a few of them, but sadly we had to head back to get home as it was getting late.

Next year we are definitely going for a few days, and we’re going to book in to go to as many of these talks as possible! I’m really glad I went to the exhibition, because even though I only saw a few bits and pieces close up, it has really inspired me to do a few projects of my own! So watch this space…


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