Shouldham Warren

I’m finding it quite hard to find things to blog about as of late, so I do apologise.

I think I’m rather lucky to live near some nice forestry areas. I have Shouldham Warren just up the road from me, and also theres Sandringham, which is just a bit further, both brilliant spots for a bit of photography. So I took the old DSLR out for a trip last week while the weather wasn’t too bad with Bobbins, and got some okay shots. I say okay, cause I wasn’t really amazed by them. I’m already planning my next shoot, this time taking the time of day into consideration. I really want to get some nice shots of the light filtering through the trees, so I’m thinking I need to go around 7Pm? I mean, this might not even work, but I would like to try!

Here are some of the shots;


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