The End of an Era.

So now I have updated the blog with all of my work, I can make my ‘end of year post’. I finished first year a couple of weeks ago now, ending with my end of year review with T-Fab (as he is referred to quite often now) and Brian.

For our review, we had to create a series of posters and a pdp* document, or booklet, or present it in anyway possible, to explain certain things about our first year at Lincoln. I created a simple booklet, using type only. Here a few quick photos to demonstrate it.

Here is the front page, quite simple, and one of the double page spreads. I didn’t take photos of all my pages, as they follow the same theme all the way through. Before this page I explain that I’ve had new experiences this year, like making an animation (which Brian then sarcastically asked if I enjoyed it, which my reply was, actually Brian, I did enjoy it! Fair play to him really, as everyone else I spoke to absolutely hated the project…) I also went on to say how I feel a lot more confident about making presentations, and that my favourite project of the year was my ‘Zine’, even though I didn’t get the grade that I wanted.

I also enjoyed making the little quotations on the left hand side of the booklet. They didn’t necessarily have anything to do with what was written on the right hand side, but thought they were quite a nice addition.

“To say this year has been a roller coaster ride would be an understatement.”

I then go onto say about my level of understanding and skills haven’t really changed that much since College, as we came from quite a good place, and learnt an awful lot compared to the other students. But I do however feel that I have learnt to cope with stress and to allocate my time better.

“I find good ideas hard to come by.”

Since being on this course I have realised that I have come from an incredibly good BTEC course at college, and that I learnt all the basic skills and ways of working. The quote to go along with this was “I do miss college a lot, but I welcome new experiences and believe that University was the best thing for me.” T-Fabs response to this was that I need to move on from college, and stop comparing it to Lincoln- and he’s right, I need to let go. Which I am slowly doing!

This basically summed up my aspirations. Me and a few peers have already been talking about possibly setting up our own design firm once getting some experience after University, because this just seems to be the way forward these days.

I concluded my booklet with… “Being away from home for me at first was difficult in itself, but with the problems I’ve had this year in terms of moving flats (twice!) and having trouble with other students has made this year incredibly hard for me. However, it has made me a stronger person, and now I feel that anything could happen next year and I’d be able to cope so that it wouldn’t effect my work. I have made some amazing new friends on the course and I have developed a whole lot of confidence since being here.

Here are the three posters I created for the review. I tried to keep them quite light and not too serious.

So to end this post… I didn’t really leave with the grades that I wanted, but I’m not going to dwell on it too much. I know that next year is going to be loads better, and I’m going to get as much out of it as I can. Summer is chance for me to do some personal projects and get in touch with a few design firms, which is what I’m going to do. This won’t be the last of me until September though, I’m still going to blog about anything I’ve seen. A toast for an okay freshman year!


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