Sonic Soundscape

I realise I didn’t blog about this project at all, I have been a very bad blogger lately. This was the last of our visual expression projects, and we had our names drawn out of a hat so we were put into random groups. I was in a group of 4, with Sam, Rebecca and Vicki and our task (basically) was to make some noise to a piece of art from our given modernist artist. Ours was Victor Vaserely, which I was kind of pleased with. But that doesn’t mean I was enjoying the project….

I was finding it hard to work in a group for this as its such an open brief, and it’s not really designing anything. Apart from the graphic map we had to do, but we had to create that on our own after we had the music. The instruments we used in the end were an electric guitar, that I played, a home-made drum-kit, which Vicki played, a kind of wind chime-triangle thing, which Rebecca played, and the Twangmeister (Elastic bands stretched over a shoe box, which made a twang noise), played by Sam of course.

This was our masterpiece. I only got a pass for this project, which I was slightly disappointed with. Apparently they didn’t get my back-up work in the digital submission, which was slightly weird, which is why I prefer paper hand ins. Oh well it is done with now!

Oh, and here is my Graphic map. I created this on Illustrator, creating a handmade effect with the paint.


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