… this rather nice Malibu bottle. I was in Sainsburys the other day and noticed these bottles (which are also on offer by the way!), and rather liked the design on them. Of cause, my friend thought I was crazy when I kind of went ‘Ooooo’. Its the normal reaction I get to be honest.

Rather nice eh? I might have to get myself one of these…

I realise I haven’t been posting lately, which is very bad of me! I will definitely be doing an update post on Monday, I owe it to my blog to do it to finish my First year of University!


2 thoughts on “Malibu

  1. lestaret says:

    Hi Dani, it was great to see you last week – glad to see that you are wandering about going ‘ooh!’ at the packaging – that’s ma Girl! Even if it is booze – what were you doing in the booze aisle?

    Anyway, well done this year at uni – next year will be a different ball game, and I’m certain that you’ll be ready for it!

    See you soon,



  2. Creative Cowell says:

    Hey Chris, thanks, it was great to see you last week too, I can’t say I miss the tropical-like heat of the computer room though… terrible! Yes, I’m definitely ready for next year! Thanks again and I’ll see you soon,



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