Illustration and Sara Fanelli

I realise I haven’t been blogging again, I do apologise! I have been very busy with my book covers, trying to create some impressive designs… instead I’ve been getting incredibly frustrated with the perspective tool in Photoshop, GRR! I’ve drawn a carousel up in Illustrator in the style of an Illustrator that one of my tutors told me about, Sara Fanelli. I then hand drawn some type and then used the pen tool in Illustrator (that took ages by the way) and I’m now trying to make it fit right!

I have been using a lot of swearwords, thats all I can say.

It will say ‘American Gods’ which is the title of my book. And hopefully by the time I’m finished it will look half decent! I’m also producing two more book covers. All before Tuesday by the way… Ha.


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