Book Covers

Its been quite a while since I blogged about any of my work, I know, disgraceful. We’re down to the last two projects of the year (I know thats scary, right?), and one of them involves designing a book cover for a utopian novel. We were put into book groups for this, and given a book to read and then to make a presentation about it to present to the rest of the class. I was put in a really good book group, so was extrememly pleased with the outcome of our presentation, as we got a 2.1! Our book we got given was called American Gods, written by Neil Gaiman.

So now that the presentation is over with, I have to start designing the book cover. I’ve had a few ideas, and have been looking at book covers that I like the style of and things like that, just to try and inspire me a bit more. One of my ideas is to do a photographic style, and play on the coin theme in the book, so a photoshoot in the plan for tomorrow, fingers crossed the weather is as good as it was today!

I will blog about our ‘Sound’ project tomorrow…


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