We had a guest lecturer yesterday, and I have to say in my opinion, it was by far the best speaking lecturer we have had so far! I just found there design company so interesting, and absolutely loved the way that they worked. They take a very typographic approach to everything, which is probably why I liked them so much! I especially liked the work they did for Little Yellow Jacket, and there project for the Rainforest Action Network charity, where they created a booklet called ‘At This Rate’, which I loved, and thought it was so nice as they did it off they’re own back to raise money for the charity.

Click to see a bit larger. I actually really want one of these just to keep, even though that seems a bit graphic geeky, I don’t care, it’s pretty! I do really like this book aswell though, it makes me think back to making books with our old tutor at college, and my book with the tracing paper (previous post here). I really should get book making again, cause I really do enjoy it, its just finding the time.

A link to Studio8’s design site can be found here, where they have a wide range of amazing graphics work. I will definitely be keeping an eye on what they are working on though.


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