Container Plus

A few days ago I started a year long project, where I’m going to be writing on a post-it note a random thought or quote everyday for a whole year! I will be exploring hand written type while doing this, as I’ve found it interests me quite a bit, (Any websites, please recommend!). I’m determined to do this everyday, but have already found myself struggling. But I kind of have something to motivate me. I’m going to keep all these post it-notes, and once I’m finished, I’m going to create a nice little hand made book full of them all! So thats got me excited 🙂

Today we were invited to a lecture with Container Plus, which we are really lucky to have as they don’t usually do talks. It was a very interesting talk, and it wasn’t at all what I expected.

They showed off some interesting work. I especially liked the idea about them helping to redesign a hotel in Copenhagen for a Volkswagen promotion. They commissioned 20 designers and container plus redesigned four rooms, and an installation for where the car would sit in the warehouse where they would be took to test drive.

Here is Day 3 of my post it note:

… which I decided to tie in with todays activities. These can be found on a seperate page down the side >>


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