Five Finished Zines

Thats right, you heard it, five finished Zines, that I completed last night, TWO DAYS BEFORE THE DEADLINE! Which never ever happens. I think I’m going to start setting personal deadlines more often, I can now just plan what I’m going to say in the critique. Even though its such a nice feeling to be finished, I am quite sad to see the project go, because I’ve enjoyed it so much! It seems to have sped by. Talking of speeding by, I only have 9 weeks left of my first year (not including the easter hols). I cannot believe how quick its gone. Seems like only yesterday I was a scared to death fresher. Oh how things have changed!

So anyway, here are a few pictures of my Zines. I’m not revealing too much, as these will be going on sale on my blog as four (I’m keeping one for myself!) exclusive Zines, as I am not making anymore! Not sure if anyone will actually buy one, but I can only try and see what happens. These will be on sale in a couple of weeks time I would have thought.


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2 thoughts on “Five Finished Zines

  1. Creative Cowell says:

    Oooo no I hadn’t come across this site, looks great, thanks! How could I ever forget where I came from?! Impossible 🙂


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