Lost Formats

Last week we got a new brief (which I haven’t blogged about yet for some strange reason!), which is about redundant technology. We have to create a brand image for an exhibition about lost formats, which is inspired by our drawings. Drawings like the ones from my earlier post  Typewriters and whatnot which is what we did before we received the brief. I have picked a specific piece of redundant technology, which is Mac computers from when they were first created until today. We also have to create a strap-line, graphic panel and a web page. These are mostly concepts, as we are not required to create a functioning web page, and the graphic panels will probably be too large to create.

I’m still creating ideas at this point, so haven’t got too much to show. Just this minute had a review/ critique too, so I have now got a direction to go in, so I feel a bit better about it all!

I like the ‘An apple a day’ idea, because its quite playful, and has an idea that its good for you. ‘Mac tech’ is a little too… generic? Not sure if thats the right word to use. I definitely need to do more sketching and research to come up with my brand image though.


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