In Every Frame

Was the name of our next photography brief which I don’t think I posted about yet? Well its basically all about surveillance photography, so we had to do the shoot at night (it was absolutely freezing!). We had to make it look like a journey of some sort. I used James as my model in my shoot and got some really good results! Although I did have a complete disaster last night when I tried to put my photos from my xd card onto my computer. It like corrupted. So I then naturally started panicking, because my images were basically lost. So I went out at 2am this morning to reshoot them, just so I had something to show basically, incase the technicians couldn’t recover any the images from my card. But LUCKILY the nice photography man upstairs, Dave, managed to get them. Thank you! So I now have my original images, so I’m happy! Here are the 10 shots.

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