Stolen Sharpie Revolution 2

My book came! It actually came Thursday just gone, but didn’t have time to blog about it. Its such a pocket size book, I was quite surprised, but it still holds lots of information. It has loads of little tips and also explains different things from what a Zine is, to how to promote it, and even has lots of online resource links. Here are some photos I took, cause I thought the little red book was quite beautiful!

…The front cover. I actually really love the type on here, and the sub heading reminds me of something thats been written on a typewriter.

I love how the pages inside are actually designed to look like a typical handmade zine, it just really adds to the design of the book.

It also has these nice little illustrations dotted around on different pages, which I think adds a nice little detail. Next one is the last image, I promise. This is a page telling you how to put the Zine together, also extremely useful.


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