I have a Zine!

Last night I went to an event at the bar ‘Kind’, which was called ‘Break your socks’ or ‘Anti-valentines’. There was screen printing being done, and illustrations being drawn before our very eyes, and I thought it was amazing! I also got extremely excited when we could buy a Zine, so of cause, I had to get one! It’s not the Zine like we are supposed to create, as ours has to be photocopied and not printed, plus we’re not allowed to use colour (well we are but thats explained on my previous post). It was just generally a nice night out with the fellow creative lot too.

The lovely front cover, very typographical, which I approve of. I also took a photo of my favourite design in the Zine:

So after all that excitement, I have some updates on my Zine. I had my lesson yesterday, and I had some good feedback on my ideas from Twiggy (sorry the name is just catching on!) so I’m quite happy about the direction I’m going in now. For next week I am to create 3 Zine design proposals. I’ve decided I’m going to play on the competitiveness of gaming fanboys, so I’ve got a few ideas I can do. The first one is to play on the whole XBOX vs PS3, but focus more on the arguements that gamers have with this, and less on the actual spec and performance of the consoles themselves.
The second idea is to make the Zine into a type of game/ battle. So have the XBOX going against the PS3 in some way, although I’m not sure how I will do this yet. I’ve got a few things I need to look at before I can start designing these pages, like the personal opinions of gamers, characteristics of gamers like there posture and environment. I’m also going to try and express the feelings of playing a game through the style of type. I think this will involve a lot of swearing!


2 thoughts on “I have a Zine!

  1. jamesrobinsgd says:

    Have you thought about doing it in a kinda “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” kind of way? Could be fun when combined with nerds!


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