The Beauty of Lincoln

So you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been posting almost every day lately, and thats mostly because I’ve been busy and just want to record it all on here! And also I’ve been getting an average of 60 views a day, so thank you so much if your following this, it really does mean a lot! So I have finally submitted my photos for the Photography project ‘Beauty’, and have mostly based it around the architecture of the cathedral. I know we didn’t have to set a theme, and I didn’t really plan too, it just kind of worked out that way. They can now all be found on my flickr.

What can I say, I’m a sucker for some nice typography.

Next on my list is the YCN talk we had today. It was really quite interesting, and I’m actually thinking of having a go at the ‘Boost’ energy drink brief thats open for people to have a go at. Deadlines 25th March I do believe, so I’m a bit tight on time. I guess it depends on how much spare time I have after my Uni projects. So now I have the task of sticking my photos down and making a few quick notes about them ready for tomorrow. I shall post about Zines tomorrow possibly?


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