Finally a good project!

… not that the other projects were that painful, but this one has got me a little excited! Over christmas we had to research into a specific community, and what being in that community means. I chose the Online gaming community, cause its a pretty wide range of people and I thought it would be quite interesting to do. We had to write a 1000 word report on this, which I actually really enjoyed writing. So armed with a big wedge of research and my report I turned up to the briefing yesturday, only to be presented with the challenge of creating a Zine. For those of you who don’t know what this is…

Zine; (an abbreviation of the word fanzine, or magazine; pronounced /ˈziːn/ zeen) is most commonly a small circulation publication of original or appropriated texts and images. More broadly, the term encompasses any self-published work of minority interest usually reproduced via photocopier.

And that is exactly our limitations;. it can be hand drawn or created on the computer, but has to be photocopied. So essentially it will be black and white, but we are allowed to print onto coloured paper. We’re also allowed to add colour afterwards through paint etc, but we have to hand in 5 copies of the Zine, so what you do to one has to be exactly the same on all 5 of them.

The only thing I am struggling with is the fact it has to be a kind of story. I’m not quite sure how I am going to do this yet? For next Thursday we are to produce five double page spreads, and to have done more research. They don’t hang around do they?!

There is also extra credit to those who can actually sell some of there Zines, but we shall see.


2 thoughts on “Finally a good project!

  1. jamesrobinsgd says:

    Should be a good project indeed, a little miffed at how we are meant to sell them though? You will be ok with gaming, but where can I sell a teaching one??


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