Type Tart Card: Final

The critique is later on today, and I just added the finishing touches last night! My outcome is completely different from when I first started out (as you can see if you scroll down to my earlier post). After having feedback from Tim, the project leader, I decided I would try and make it look like it was engraved in stone. I was quite successful in doing this on photoshop thanks to James, but it didn’t look enough like a tart card. I was a bit disappointed but carried on with different ideas. I then experimented with using basic colours, and thought it worked a lot better. I think ‘less is more’ is probably the key here.

Also, I have realised the spelling mistake and is sorting it, just so glad I realised BEFORE the crit otheriwse that could have been embrarressing…

So next week as far as I know we are back to normal routine. I have a presentation on Monday, which is about old people (should be interesting…) and then I’m hoping we get some proper projects again! I miss those! And I AM going to keep on top of them this Semester.


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