The amazing Barbie Cake!

This is the Cake Brief! I worked with my friend Becky in my group and we decided to go with a Barbie cake. She wasn’t very confident with baking so I took the reigns on this one, and enjoyed it! I mixed it from scratch, and I also tried to make the mixture pink, which it was, but when it came out it was just a normal sponge colour – disappointing.

After this had baked and I had cut it so it would sit evenly, we started on the icing. I wanted blue for the base, just so you could tell that it was meant to act as a casing to a cupcake really. I apologise how tired I look in this image, I had only had 3 hours sleep the night before I did this!

Here is the finished master piece at Uni, TPH, surrounded by other amazing cakes! Everyone’s looked so good!

Here are some others from our group.

Loved the inside of this Alice and Wonderland cake! I want to know how they made it like that?

This Dracula cake was one of my personal favourites, I loved how red it was inside, and I’m also jealous because of the fact we couldn’t make ours pink inside, let alone this bright! Tasted good too 🙂

Hopefully I will post my animation tomorrow… exciting stuff 🙂 And of cause we’re nearly at the end of the first Semester. Happy times? Or sad times because next Semesters work it going to be harder?


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