What is going on?

Everything is chopping and changing at the moment due to the abnormally bad weather. Deadlines have been extended, which is good news for everyone I think considering the animation project! Yesterday we had a bit of a snow day, and didn’t get a lot of work done, but we have to have a break now and again don’t we? We decided that we could build an igloo in the student village! We just got started on our third layer of snow bricks when we decided we had had enough for one day!

Doesn’t look very deep here, but this was 9.00pm last night! It has been very deep here. And also the funny thing is, our tutors now want us to make a snow sculpture, take a photo and bring it in. Best one wins a prize. Seeing as this was destroyed last night (you horrible people!) I think we’re going to rebuild this afternoon.

We’ve also been given an additional week long project, to bake a cake in the style of a character listed on the brief. I have to think about the shape, the colours the taste and everything, and it has to be edible! I’m liking the idea of doing the mad hatter, but we shall see!


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