Movie Posters

A couple of weeks ago I had a brief to create a film precise, but we had to use specific storylines that were already set on the brief. I chose ‘Internet and phone lines fail catastrophically’. It seems the wackiest our stories were the better!

So mine was something along the lines of the internet and phone lines fail catastrophically due to paranormal activity. Jimmy has to persuade Ghostbusters to train the world to get rid of these evil spirits so that everything can be restored to working order.

So that’s all well and done, and I didn’t really think anything more of it, until we got our next brief. Create a movie poster based on your film precise. Oh. We had to come up with 20 A3 pages of ideas, three final outcomes and then our final A2 poster. I have to say it has taken me a while to do all the A3 pages of ideas… not easy! And sooo time-consuming! Anyway, I decided in the end to go with a typographic approach.

I’m getting it printed tomorrow so I’m excited (although slightly worried?) how it will turn out! Hopefully an update on car badges tomorrow.


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