Summer Project

My first ever project for the University of Lincoln has been revealed! The first of many 🙂

Design Brief: The brand of me!
On A4 sheets produce four themed and finished visuals/ realisations of the aspects that represent you as a brand. From these and your initial preperation work develop a “logo” (i.e. design for a brand) that represents you. This must include your first (preferred) name fit on a 58mm diameter, round button badge – your artwork for this can be producd at a larger scale but consider how it will reproduce when it is reduced to fit the dimentions of the badge. Remember however, that your designs will be seen by everyone, so don’t be too personal.

I only got this today, but I want to get started! I am having some trouble though.. initial ideas aren’t really coming to me straight away. Okay, so the initial preperation work will be exploring my own background, and my aspirations for the future. But I think the obvious aspiration is going to be around the idea of design… so how to move away from that without losing anything important is going to be the hard part. I think the brainstorming must begin. Wish me luck!


One thought on “Summer Project

  1. lestaret says:

    You don’t need luck, just think about what you’ve been asked to do! Don’t get too hung up on something tiny – the logo/brand/badge should work instantly…
    But you know that anyway!

    Good luck Danielle,



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