Judgement Day here at last!

Today we offically found out our marks for final major and our final grades for the BTEC ND Graphic Design Course. And I am soooooooooo extremely and utterly happy to say I got DDD! Although I admit I was hoping for this outcome, I honestly thought that I wouldn’t acheieve it! I don’t think its fully sunk in yet. I nearly cried, and my heart nearly came out of my chest when I was told!

Of course, like my classmate has said in her blog entry (Graphique Fantastique), it just couldn’t have been done if it wasn’t for our Tutor, and everyone is our class spurring each other on. I think we were all truely lucky to all be in the same group. I just can’t believe its all over so quickly, but in the same breath, I just can’t wait to get to Lincoln! Four of us in the class are going to Lincoln, and we all got top marks, so all I can say is I hope we really set an example! The Fantastic Four!


One thought on “Judgement Day here at last!

  1. lestaret says:

    Well done Danielle. And thanks for the credit too, but as I have said before, I only provided the opportunities, it was you who took them… It’s been a real pleasure.

    Good luck in Lincoln – keep in touch.


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