Exhibition Night

The Exhibition night last night was a really nice night out. It was amazing to see people pass your work, you kind of wonder what is going through their minds. Everyones work looked amazing, and I heard we got quite a few compliments, which is always good 🙂

Later on in the night we all got together for a drink, which was just as entertaining! Here I had my pic taken with where my work was exhibited.

I realise you can’t see the mounts all that well, but these are the makings of my Final Major Project, which my tutor is currently marking (eeeeeek!). The first mount (top left) is my theme park map. The first photo shows how it is folded and the second shows just the map itself. The mount on the right next to it, shows my bus advertisment. I created my snake pattern and put it onto the bus using photoshop. The last mount on the first panel are my fast pass tickets, normal ticket, and under it how the logo can be used (with this coloured background or without).
      The second panel was also my work. The top mount was a front page and double page spread of a brochure. I really enjoyed designing this peice because I could really just do whatever, as long as it tied in with everything else. The second mount was my second advertisment, where I super-imposed a lightning bolt so that it looked like it had been thrown at the ground. And last of all was the third advertisment, the bus shelter wrap around, which I think nicely tied in with my bus advertisment.

Well I find out my marks in exactly a weeks time. I’m a little nervous, but I think we all are!


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