Letraset Special.

The name says it allll…

I wanted to make a post that wasn’t about my Final major for a change 🙂

My Grandad is actually the BEST Grandad in the world. He has like everything, literally. Well it all started off when I asked him if I could borrow a book on Chinese Caligraphy, so he went off hunting in his garage (that has everything in it lol) He came across these really nice Letraset transfers, and I got really excited lol! They are really quite old, and most of them have letters missing where they have been used, but they are still pretty neat. I just had to take some photos, cause I just frankly love them. Hes also finding me the Letraset book, which the airbase use to oder in the transfers, and he said he should get it to me soon! And omg, they haveee…

Helvetica! Sweeeeeeeet 🙂
More photos on Flickr.


3 thoughts on “Letraset Special.

  1. lestaret says:

    Ah, the sweet, sweet smell of rub-down transfers! Sorry about going off on a ‘memory lane’ style ramble thisafternoon. It gets you that way sometimes. You’ll do the same at some point – some youg whippersnapper will mention something, or bring something that their grandad used to use, and you’ll be off – “these memory sticks were our bread and butter in those days – couldn’t do the job without ’em!”

    Ah, those were the days…


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