Critique coming up?!

Yeah… we have our first critique on Friday. Yeah, THIS Friday. And I thought Fridays were a good day!

Okay, so I’m starting to panic slightly, I’m really trying to get my logo to work, but it just won’t happen! And I only have 26 days at college until I hand it in!!! (Excluding weekends and bank holidays). Its not much time at all. At the moment I’m trying to incorporate a snake into my design… and it is starting to work well, I guess. And I feel a little bit better, because it isn’t as if I haven’t got anything to show people on Friday, its just mostly research and sketches.

Btwwwww, I didn’t say what I had got on some previous projects. For my Corporate Identity I got a Distinction (Oh Yesssss), and for Magazine design and Kombucha packaging, a Merit, but I didn’t really expect more for those. I was gnerally quite happy with these marks 🙂 Just movie posters left. Oh and Neils Multi- diciplinary…


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