FMP Day 2: Changing my idea completly!

Well today I kind of changed my plans completly. When doing research for my property development idea, I realised that maybe its not the kind of thing I want to spend the next 7 weeks doing, I think I would get quite bored. So I thought hmmm, what the hell am I going to do! I just wanted to find something fun and that I knew would keep me occupied and interested, like my recent Corporate Identity project. I think I end up creating better work if I’m fully into it. So the new idea you ask? A theme park! But not your average theme park, oh no, an actual THEMED theme park 🙂

My ideas on themes at the moment are myths and legends, but being more specific like into the Greek Gods. Another idea is Egyption themed. After talking to Chris, he also suggested Viking themed, but I’m not quite sure I like the idea of that. So more research to be done I think!


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