FMP: Day 1

Yes, its final major project time (dramatic music), and we are scareddd! Today we had our first breifing, well, I guess it wasn’t really a breifing, because we don’t get set a breif! We have to create our own, which is quite a challenge in itself.

In the assessment cirteria, is says that it is best for us to create a journal, so I’m creating one here on my blog, and a hand written one to submit (just incase anything goes wrong with the internet!). So today we were shown the assesment criteria, and we just talked about general FMP stuff. I’m quite confident in what is expected and have also talked to Chris (my tutor) about my idea, which he seemed to like. My idea at the moment is to create a corporate identity for a property developer, and create the floor plans and typical things like that. We then discussed that it would be best to probably do a complex type of thing, so its quite communal. I’m also toying around with idea of them being eco-friendly?? But I’m not sure yet, I think I’m going to look into it a bit more before I make that decision.


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