Corporate Identity

…is slowly coming to a close. I’m sorry for the lack of posts guys, been pretttty busy! I have FINALLY got my letterhead, business car, and compliment slip done. I think. 🙂 It has took me a while but I think I managed it. I decided to go woth quite a plain theme, so that it ties in with the logo with using ‘white space’. Here are a few shots of some stationary that I applied my logo to. Envelope will be included in a later post, I have to print it off because its double sided (has a security print).

This is the letterhead. Quite simple, but had to find a way of aligning the contact details at the top with my logo. I managed to split it into two, and then align it with the white box in my logo. I also had to do this visually, because if I alligned it perfectly, the gap was too uncomfortable.

This is the business card. I did some last minute changing to this, as it originally was going to be green. But a last minute decision with my tutor was that it should be plain white, otherwise it just looks like I’m trying too hard. Btw this is credit card size, I promise.

This is my Compliment slip. At first i thought it a bit weird being portrait, but in a way it had to match my business card, mainly so it looked good in my portfolio. But I think its slowly growing on me.

And finally, my van designs. These looked best white too, although I liked the idea of them being bright green, it just didn’t work! This was one of my extra peices. The other one is flower wrapping, that you would get when you bought the bunch of flowers from the shop. I’m also doing little gift cards to go with them, that are about the same size as the business cards.


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