Go Kombucha!

Which is the Packaging project, if you didn’t realise! Here we have to create two designs that are chinese related for the organic drink Kombucha. For the full information go on the past post here. I was playing about with an idea in lesson today and thought I would write a post on it. Its kind of a bamboo leaf/chinese/club feel i think. I apologise for bad quality, its because the file is illustrator and I don’t have it at home!

Oh my, I apologise again for bad quality! I will put a better one up soon. I have to sort the tagline out yet anyway, but this could be a possible final idea.


2 thoughts on “Go Kombucha!

  1. somethingclevergraphics says:

    looking sweeet
    i would maybe tweak the kick off the K, so instead of running vertical it is diagonal, lining up vertical with your angled type… if you get me đŸ˜›
    im loving the leaf motif tho.


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