Friday: New Projects

I know its Saturday, but we were set the projects Friday!

We’ve been set two new briefs! We’ve recently been introduced to Adobe Indesign, which is something we’ve never used before, but I’m liking it so far. The task is to come up with a completly new magazine, about anything we want, and it should be something funny, something that would make people look twice if they looked at it in my portfolio. We have to design a front cover for two issues, and a double page spread for one of them.

The next project is a packaging project, and this involves us completly rebranding a chinese health drink, called Kombucha. At the moment, it looks like a wine bottle, and I’m not too keen on the logo either. (See here.) We have to try and make it look credible to be drank at a bar, and not making you feel like a fool! Like say… you wouldn’t feel a fool drinking J2O when all your other mates are drinking WKD etc. 
    We have to make the design so that you can still link it back to the chinese, but still make it look good. None of this chinese take-away type business. Task: to produce two different designs (one for an adhesive label and one for a shrink sleeve label) and a special launch promotional gift box. I have a few ideas for the gift box already, which I will hopefully start work on shortly.


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