Social Issues Project

This is an advertisment project that I think I touched on in an earlier post, but I decided a couple of weeks ago which charity I’m doing. I actually hadn’t heard anything like it until I had researched some charities, so I think I can make it quite an original advertisment campaign if I try hard enough.

My charity is called Cancer and Bio- Detection Dogs and I think they are amazing to be honest. Apparently, when someone has diabetes, their odour changes dramatically when their sugar levels go up and down, and dogs can sense this. So before the person goes into a coma, the dogs can warn them of it before it happens. I’m probably not explaining very well, so just click on this link! 

So for this project we have to create at least two forms of advertising. One of mine will be a magazine ad (yet to decide wha sort of magazine, because of target audience), and the other will be an information pack, that would be sent to your door if you required more information and a donation form off of the website.

So far, I have the bookle nearly sorted for the information pack, and the envelope that you would send the donation form back in. So I have lots to do yet!  Here is part of the booklet (taken from Illustrator, haven’t printed and made it up yet). I probably won’t use these colours though.

More updates soon hopefully 🙂


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