Penguin Book Design

I don’t think I’ve actually made a post about this project, which is quite bad! This project involved doing 3 random searches on Wikipedia, and then searching the article through the LIFE archives, to get a photo to use our three book covers. The deadline is actually tomorow, so here is what I’ve come up with.

My first book cover is ‘Laguna’, which I think is quite a weird term, (I thought it would be Lagoon?) but the LIFE archive came up with this image;

And with some tweeking (and added layers of cause) on Adobe Photoshop have come up with this…

I liked this because its quite mysteries, but interesting at the same time, but it still has the ater factor about it.

My second book cover is ‘RAF Squadron’ which I was quite pleased about, because I thought it would be quite interesting. Here is the image I was given from the archive.

And here is my book cover… (My favourite of the three!)

And finally, my last cover, which is ‘New York City Subway’, and I ended up getting a really old black and white photo, so I knew it would turn out diffrently to the others. This is the original image.

And my cover 🙂

I wonder what our next project will be…


2 thoughts on “Penguin Book Design

  1. somethingclevergraphics says:

    why is this the first time i have seen your covers properly?
    i am loving the RAF squadron one, the colours, and how the life image is still visible!


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