CD Design Updated

A recent update for my CD design. I’ve played about woth the colours so much that I’m getting a bit sick of it! But I think I’m getting there. These are all three Cd covers (front and back of booklet) together.

Cd Cover one on its own.

Cd Cover two on its own.

And Finally Cd Cover three on its own.

I’ve recently had a go at creating the back cover and the two spines too.

Then their is planning for the inside covers…


One thought on “CD Design Updated

  1. lestaret says:

    Hi Danielle, these are really coming together well. The covers work well, but I am not sure about the keylines around the transparent boxes – the illustrations are so linear themselves, that these keylines seem to be a bit much – I don’t think it needs them.

    The back cover track listing is very well organised and clear. Perhaps you could do something similar to the block of credits on the right hand side to prevent them looking a bit like an afterthought.

    There are issues with the barcode (has to have more contrast and seems a little small) and with the colour of the Decca logo, but I will talk to you about these on monday – small changes.

    The text on the inner pages is ‘forced justified’ – look at the last lines of each column that are widely and unevenly spaced – ‘forced’ to fit the line width. Change this to a left flush justified setting to resolve it. What point size is it – I think this is VERY small – print out in b/w and check. If it is too small, then you will need to increase the column width to fit it in, or just add another column onto the left hand page. This is not too much of a problem and can be pushed on quite quickly.

    Lovely work. But please don’t wait until I’m just about to leave before asking for input – after all, you have had access to me all day! You will get a better response and some digital help too!

    Have a great weekend!



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